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Just off the Port Bow—a place of uncertainty, adventure, and insight. Thank you for your ears, eyes and hearts. I hope to bring compassion, grace and beauty to your day.

Apocalypse No...

Apocalypse No...

What is going on here?

Yesterday was filled with too many truly bizarre moments.

On my way to an early morning meeting in Albany, just a mile from our home, a deer jumped out to the side of the road (I was going slowly...waking myself and the car up to our early morning commute) and came right to the side of my car before veering back into the bushes. No contact, but too close of a connection. Watch both sides of the road! Dawn deer move quickly.


I was heading home from my morning of volunteering at the hospital. It had been a full morning with lots of people; a full surgical schedule for the OR staff. To bring some reality into it all I stopped at the Kubota dealership on the way home to buy a tube of grease for my grease gun. 

Just as I was leaving the flats of Cropseyville to head up the mountain to Grafton I noticed a deer to my right, crossing a side road and turning full tilt toward the main road I was on. There was no caution in its mien. It was hell bent for the road and the other side. A beverage delivery truck was coming toward me at speed; I slowed as I saw the inevitable unfold. 

I won't describe the gut-wrenching hit. The only thing one can say is that the deer knew nothing. One moment it was vital and free; the next moment shattered and lifeless.

I pulled to the side of the road, as did the truck driver and the car behind me. The deer was pulled from the middle of the pavement and it was all over. What can you say or do?

My way up the mountain continued, though part of my spirit was left at that death scene. Within a mile I watched a pickup truck pull out of a gravel pit driveway and head quickly toward Grafton. The tail gate must have been faulty as a continuous stream of large gravel was being sifted onto the road bed. Follow too closely the car or truck in front of you and you'll have a large rock thrown back into your windshield. There was nothing I could do, though I wanted somehow to catch the culprit and get him to stop before more rock was strewn. No such luck. The truck proceeded through Grafton and very close to the turn off to our home, shedding debris all the way.

Later in the day I went out for an evening meeting. I had known that NY Rte 7 was hit badly by last weekend's rain. I was surprised, though, to see that Babcock Lake Road, especially down in the plain before you come to Rte 7, was pretty badly torn up; as bad as I have ever seen it.

The main road (Rte 7) seemed to be moving well, so I was caught unawares by a rapid slowdown and a one lane construction zone. Someone might as well have exploded a bomb on the side of the road. The rain volume sinkhole was enormous. Then I began to notice the damage all along the side of the road...and there was more to the East toward Hoosick.

Less than a mile past this bottleneck I noticed the car in front of me go into an erratic bit of swerving and horn-blowing. The two occupants were either fornicating or wrestling. It turned out to be the latter as they swerved off the road in front of me, horn blaring. I moved around them and pulled off the road, wondering if someone might have had a heart attack or some other health issue. No, it seems to have been an intense altercation. I did not stick around to sort to the bottom of it. Others had stopped as well...and then the traffic resumed its flow.

None of this is completely out of the ordinary. We pass struck deer regularly. I see crazy drivers and bad bits of road a lot up here in the country. But this was all on one day. It felt to me like a war zone scene...something apocalyptic.

I was unsettled, and very eager to get safely home following my meeting, and safely tucked into my sleeping bag in the tent where we slept in the moonlight.

In and Around - The John Strong House

In and Around - The John Strong House

No explanation needed

No explanation needed