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Changing Colors

This topic seems the obvious one for today. The colors of the leaves have been changing for the past few weeks—staggeringly beautiful. The sun's lower position in the skies has meant a new spectrum of colors illuminating the sky, trees, fields, grass, buildings, and...faces. This morning we have our first real hard frost of the season, which has turned the field, until the sun ascends a bit higher, into a shiny crystalline white corrugation.

It is the change of it all, however, which I would address today. The alternating colors are accidental to the process itself. It is the change which keeps on coming.

In my men's groups this week we discussed change, and how we feel about it and deal with it. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject:

My basic approach to life has always been, invariably, some version of "semper idem" (always the same). I wear the same style clothing, I stick to my daily routines, I don't like crowds (never did), and I don't like things or people around me to change too much, if at all. Well, so I say with my in-breath.

When I breath out I find that I am really rather flexible on many accounts, willing to try new things, consider new approaches to life, sample new foods, and make new friends. Of late I have gone through a wholesale change of my religious convictions and practices. This has changed many other things, including the vocation I had pursued for the past 45 years. So, maybe I am more adaptable, more welcoming of change than I might give myself credit for being.

I still don't like crowds. I still wear the same fashions. I still like things to remain the same.

However (dare I say BUT?), I more clearly and winsomely see impermanence all around me.

Uncertainty is the only certainty. Let me qualify this statement; uncertainty accurately describes most of life experienced. I do believe there is That which is permanent and certain, I am just not certain what name to give it. God. Love. Compassion. These do not fade or change (though my perception of them might).

Might I add Beauty to this list; or Truth? A tree is beautiful in Spring blossom, in greened out Summer attire, in Autumn red splendor and in Winter gray intricacies. True enough?

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