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You don't have to live like a Refugee

What was Tom Petty thinking about when he wrote this song? What were the Heartbreakers feeling as they sang it?

Masses and masses of people around the globe are right now living into whatever it means to live like a refugee. For most there is no choice in the matter. They have to, until the next chapter of their lives begins, which may, tragically, be just like the last one.

I remember, from my days of teaching World History, outlining the mass movements of people groups from the steppes of Asia into Eastern and ultimately Western Europe (Huns, Goths, etc.). Migrants or refugees? And I am now watching the mini-series The Vikings; another example of mass migration which produced its own kind of refugees (the Saxons).

Of course there is the matter of the Southern Border of the United States. Migrants, refugees, and more. Will there be a new class of refugees: the non-Hispanic residents of our southern states?

The Disenfranchised. The Marginalized. The Demonized. The Insecure (as it relates to Food Security). The 99%. The One Percent.

I'm sitting easy this morning. It's pretty painless, relatively, for me to make choices. Food, shelter and financial security are not my issues.

At this moment, at least, I do choose to focus on compassion for all. Oh! Oh! Oh! (repeat Chorus, "You don't...)

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