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Just off the Port Bow—a place of uncertainty, adventure, and insight. Thank you for your ears, eyes and hearts. I hope to bring compassion, grace and beauty to your day.

The Dream and The Reality

The picture at the top of this blog is a picture taken from a sailboat we have chartered three times in the past five years. Last week we returned from our most recent charter aboard Summer Dreams.  I knew almost the moment we set foot on her that the dream and the reality were not the same.

The Risk Factor: Taking risks at home feels less risky than taking risks on a forty two foot sailboat you are responsible for (and which does not belong to you).

The Uncertainty Factor: Whether the weather is good or bad (from a sailor's point of view) there is no escaping it. We were living on the boat for a week. As it turns out the weather was pretty darned good except for one day. But every day we wondered. The wind and the seas in their various combinations all factored in to how we would spend each day: sailing, motoring, motor sailing, waiting, puttering, or hanging on a mooring.

The Decision Factor: One makes endless decisions on a boat, always with safety as the primary consideration. It is nearly moment by moment. It is not this way at home.

The Dreaded Task Factor: Pumping out a holding tank with a snake-like sucking hose is simply not fun. Two holding tanks, hot weather, guests on board, and chemistry all make this dreaded task something which cannot be avoided and which will present itself as a present need about every other day.

The Ideal Sail Factor: Where is it? I have enjoyed ideal sails in the past. Is this one of them? No, not quite.

The Land-Locked Dreamer Factor: The reality is that in the past five years we have chartered for a total of four weeks, and I have had (thanks to the generosity of others) seven or eight daysails. This is not enough to build one's skills. We owned a boat in Florida for two years, but that was thirteen years ago. I dream about boat experience, but do not experience much.

Please don't get me wrong. We had a wonderful time. Beautiful sunsets, quiet harbors, good conversations with one another and with friends, and lots of sea air. Still, the dream was better than the reality.

Which all begs the question: what about sailing in the future?

More later.

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