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Addendum to The Characteristics

OK. I didn't quite understand that Third Characteristic.

For starters, I am not qualified to discuss Buddhist teaching at any level. I simply don't know enough about it.

I have only been exposed formally to Buddhist teaching for about three months. That's it. I should also add that for most of my adult life I have dismissed Buddhism as seriously deficient at best and spiritually dangerous at worst. In survey religion classes I have taught, and as open minded as I tried to be, I inevitably judged Buddhism as inadequate and wrong.

I must consider myself, therefore, a newcomer to the discussion; someone who is open, eager, and historically inclined to react.

I have reacted to the Third Characteristic.

I just did a little online research and note that this Third Characteristic (Anatta in Pali) is central to the Buddha's teaching. I'd best tread respectfully and thoughtfully here.

Anatta does, in fact, point to the ever-changing nature of all things in all beings, particularly regarding whatever we might identify as "self". I noted in my previous post that I have been trying to gain a better understanding of the "false-ego", or whatever one might call the self created out of experience, reaction and conditioning.


I don't want to go much deeper here right now. I am still trying to get a handle on all of this teaching.

I do still want to hold up this idea of Belovedness as a critical, personal, coming from without (and within) source of self-identity. Whether the Buddha commented on this I cannot say. Jesus did.

It is probably worth my while to stick with the Three Characteristics as they are given, for now. The Fourth, Belovedness, is not really a fourth, but is a FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Impermanence, Suffering, Non-self. I have much to learn of them all.

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