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Grace upon Grace (starting all over again...and again...)

The teachings behind "insight meditation" are full of rich and fruitful graces. Not the least of these is the focus on the adequacy of each moment.

My intention in meditation, and as I actually enter into that practice, is to be present. I will focus on my breathing to center and quiet my presence. I will have set aside a certain length of time which will mark the moment.

Then I will begin...a clean slate, a new moment in my life is unfolding.

And, as surely as the sun and moon rise and set, thoughts and pictures will come into my mind; sensations will arise in my body, emotions will arise in my heart, and sounds will come into my ears.

For a moment or more I will entertain these "distractions". But they really aren't distractions; they are just life going on within the gaze of my presence.

Then I will gently return to a focus on my breathing.

A new beginning...a clean slate, a new moment in my life is unfolding.

I could say a great deal about the various distractions; the rising and falling of them all. It is all interesting. But these curiosities are not nearly as important as the gentle returning to the breath and to the new moment.

This is Grace.

I could expatiate here on the Christian teaching on Grace; God's one way love through Jesus' death on the cross. And, I believe it all.

My experience, however, and there are legion explanations for this, has focused on personal failure and inadequacy within the beam of Grace's hopeful light. Grace is not that which is inadequate, is not that which has failed; it is within my experience that I find the deficit.

Not so with meditation. As each moment is a new beginning, and as judgment of the experience of the moment is entirely suspended, there is no failure, no inadequacy.

Infinite new beginnings. Infinite clean slates. Infinite fresh starts.

Grace upon Grace.

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