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California Bound - Twenty Hours later

The city is waking up again. I've told you the sights; now the sounds. One sound in particular.

A young raven is complaining to its parents about the slow delivery of breakfast. It is the singular sound outside, overriding the light traffic on Melrose.

The scene out our apartment window has not changed. I do know now that the building I described yesterday is part of Raleigh Studios (where "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" and "Gunsmoke" were filmed). We're in the middle of Hollywood. And a young raven wants its breakfast.

Back in Grafton, far from here, where we have our own version of Gunsmoke (target practice and deer season), the young ravens are complaining with the same annoying kcraaaach. It is unmistakeable. Our black beauties come down from the high crags of the Taconic Range, across the valley of the Little Hoosic River. The hungry croakers I hear this morning have come down from the Hollywood Hills, just a mile or so north of us; over the Walk of Stars at Hollywood and Vine, and down to the acres of studios at Paramount and Raleigh.

Same birds, very different context.

I wonder where Edgar Allen Poe wrote his piece on ravens?

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