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California Bound - Shabbat - Hollywood style

I am looking over the roof of the building adjacent to ours, which building sits at the corner of Melrose and North Van Ness. The wall of the building is thickly covered with green vegetation, a living wall of sorts. Rising up from the top of this green wall, though on the other side of Melrose, are three tall, skinny palm trees. The tufted tops of these trees over over the cement and glass facade of a three story bank building (is it Chase?). I can only see the long thin glass stripes of the top two floors, which stripes have a reflective surface. In the reflections I see the trunks of two of the palm trees as well as the reflection of a billboard advertising the latest Steven Spielberg film (Extant) which premiered this past Wednesday night on CBS. Regency maintains that billboard. I only know that because last night, out of our bedroom window, I could see a small illuminated square of a sign, the only lighted sign I could see, heralding "Regency". In my sleepy stupor I assumed this was a hotel, boarding house or club. Nothing so exciting.

One other thing to note about the bank building. On the only rooftop corner of the building within my purview is a thickish coating of green - not moss, but definitely plant-based. In this extremely dry climate, with continuous daytime sunshine, there is enough moisture in that corner to foster green growth. I can only surmise the existence of an air conditioning unit hidden behind the cornice.

Wait, just now I spotted a jetliner in the distance, and just above the bank's roofline; coming in or out of LAX, I presume. I hear cars on the street below, and a helicopter, but the plane is....and there's another.....the only visual evidence of human movement. A crow just alighted on the top of a palm tree to the left of the bank building....a tree which only now has caught my eye. And there, another bird flying across my field of vision.

The city is waking up.

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Location:North Van Ness Ave, Hollywood, CA

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