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California Bound - High, Low, and Hot

Needless to say, we were up early. Our internal clocks enjoyed a good night's rest in Barstow, but they are not fully reset to Pacific Time. In the early morning light we could see what was around our hotel. You guessed it: desert.
This is not really what we are used to in front of a Hampton Inn. The good news (sic) for the local economy is that a casino is going up right here. Next time we come to Barstow we can roll out of bed and over to the casino without pausing for breakfast. Sigh.

The drive to Joshua Tree was lovely. We took the Barstow Road to Lucerne Valley and then Old Indian Woman Road to Yucca Valley. You can safely assume that every road was more beautiful than the next. To our left was the vast expanse of Twenty Nine Palms. To our right the San Bernardino Range begins its march up the heart of the state. There were too many ghost towns to count, Twentieth Century versions. And innumerable small and very humble abodes tucked in among the dry brush, Joshua Trees (see below) and rocks.

We arrived at Joshua Tree National Park around 1000. I'll let a few pictures tell the story.

We were there for about 3 hours, took one short 30 minute trail and drove up to a mountain top to look out on Coachella Valley, the San Andreas Fault, the San Jacinto Range and Palm Springs.

A short drive took us down into the valley (so much like going down into the Jordan Valley around the Dead Sea region that it was spooky) and over to Palm Springs. Up in the foothills of the San Jacintos, which loom behind this desert town, is a tramway, which in ten minutes takes you from 150 feet above sea level to 8,000 feet above sea level. The floor of the tram, which holds 60 - 80 people, rotates while you ascend and descend. At the top of the mountain, in addition to dining and buying souvenirs, you can look out over the Coachella Valley from the other direction, back at Joshua Tree and the Morongo Basin. The temperature up at the top was 67 degrees. At the bottom of the tram, and throughout Palm Springs and Palm Desert, it was 112 degrees.

The heat and jet lag are catching up with us. We have cleaned up, will have an early dinner at Applebee's next door and then call it a day. I'm too tired to think any more about it.

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Location:Palm Desert Courtyard, Palm Desert, CA

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