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California Bound - Elephant Seals and Zebras

Here's today's list:
Acorn Woodpecker
Anna's Hummingbird
Brewer's Blackbird
Weird Squirrel
various seagulls
Turkey Vultures
Elephant Seal
Pacific Harbor Seals
Sea Lion
One dead dog
One dead squirrel (the only two evidences of roadkill in about 300 miles)

Yup, we saw all of these a woman in a dirndl....between Santa Barbara and Cambria.

And, we visited a Danish town and ate Danish pastries.

And.....I had a slice of olalaiberry pie, which was scrumptious. of the worst fish dinners I have ever consumed.

Here's what I now know:

Ralph's is a pretty good grocery store in California.

Harmony, CA has 18 residents.

The Pacific Coast Highway is breathtakingly varied (and we haven't even seen the really famous part - which we won't see, cuz it is north and we drive east from here).

Downtown Cambria (a one street coastal town) has more good dining choices than the beach.

Don't go to Cavaliers in San Simeon.

Do go to San Simeon so that you can see the "Castle" of William Randolph Hearst high up on a hill....and the zebras on the land surrounding the castle.

Do drive north of San Simeon, where at low tide you can watch dozens of sea elephants lying around grunting, slapping, snoring, throwing sand and playing "pile-up".

Elephant Seals, when clustered together on a beach, really smell.

Upper Main Street in Cambria is where you find Linn's and olalaiberry pie.....and all the better dining choices which we should have checked out before we went to Cavaliers.

People from all over the world come to Cambria to watch the sea elephants.....and some of them make the same dining mistake we made.

Solvang was founded by Danes. The guy who served us our Danish Pastries was a mixture of Irish and English...but he grew up in Solvang. Go figure.

Our Waze GPS app, which has faithfully guided us from Las Vegas to here, does not know her way around Santa Barbara.

We have named our Waze GPS app voice Hermione. We mostly like her, except when she leads us to dead end streets.

Hermione and Google (let's call her Liz) don't agree on how to get to Yosemite from here. We're going with Liz, who says it will take 4 hours and 14 minutes. Hermione is happy letting us trek an additional half hour. (Just watch - Hermione will know about some road construction Liz hasn't heard of.)

Mary is charging through Susan Howatch's novel Penmaric.

I am slogging through James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

The sky was mostly grey all day today....just a little bit of sunshine, and just a little bit of rain.

We're on the Pacific Ocean, in the one room in our motel which faces the ocean, and there was no sunset tonight.

Doesn't matter.

(We're pretty happy with the dessert we had at Linn's.)

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Location:Castle Inn, Cambria, CA

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