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California Bound - Coasting Along

Chase and Angela have a cool little house a few blocks from our Hollywood digs. We joined up with them mid-morning, and spent the next four hours at their pool. It was very relaxing; hard to believe we were just minutes from Entertainment Central.

Apparently these are not neighborhoods where you necessarily hang out with your neighbors. It wasn't a big deal. I do wonder where one still does. We've become such a mobile culture that one seems reluctant to invest in neighbors who might be gone in a few months. That's how it seems, at least. We did see folk walking their dogs (mostly small skinny little things) and jogging or bike riding. No garage sales. No lemonade stands. No kids on scooters or playing pick-up games of baseball. Not many cars on the residential streets, except at night when you are trying to find a place to park for the night.

There are apparently some good charter schools for kids. Miles (nearly six) attends one such school, which is called "Citizens of the World". What we heard about the program sounded very intriguing.

World Cup Final....overtime.....we watched the last five minutes of the game. Chase's comment:
"At this moment the entire world is more connected than it has ever been in history....right now!" How true.

We wanted to get up to Santa Barbara before dinner, so said goodbye to our Hollywood family and hit the road at 3:00pm. We cut across town to pick up the highway to Venice Beach, and then followed the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) all the way to where we are now. Leaving LA was crazy. The millions were all around us, coming and going. The good news was that the further up the coast we trekked the lighter the traffic became. It wasn't until we were past Malibu, however, that we really felt liberated from the whirlpool of the metropolis.

I will say this about LA drivers. They are mostly pretty good, and mostly stick to the speed limit. One notes with interest that as we approached Santa Barbara their speed went up and my good will toward California drivers went down.

The coast is lovely. No two ways about it. I was tempted to take the faster highway. Chase told me nicely to get a life. I heeded his advice, and am glad I did.

If any of you have college aged kids....Pepperdine in Malibu looks pretty cool....and what an amazing location. of California's vegetable growing regions.....huge! San Francisco - 343 miles.

Santa Barbara appears to be a destination spot...a ton of motel/hotels on the harbor shore. We're in one just one hundred yards inland. There are two big piers....a bunch of noisy places to eat...a gazillion people and one or two quiet spots. We chose one of these for our evening meal, and have repaired to our room, the other quiet place, for a night's rest.

I will confess to a certain measure of crowd fatigue. It's entirely irrational. Mary does not share this malaise with me. She is being more than patient. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective.

Sailors who work their way up and down the coast of a country, never venturing into the deep, blue sea, call their travels "coasting". It is a great term, which bespeaks harbors, small fishing villages, large seaports, long beaches, sheltered coves, river mouths, waterways, small islands, shore birds, jetties, and marinas.

We're on the coast of California; at the ocean's edge, an ocean I have never seen. And, this is an adventure...not only of travel, but of self-understanding and awareness. This is what Coasting feels like.

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Location:Marina Beach Motel, Santa Barbara, CA

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