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Esperanza - Part Four

I raised the topic of Hope at both of my men's groups this past week. I had been chewing on it myself, and was curious to hear the views and feelings of others. Here's what I discovered:

Hope comes in a bunch of colors. It should not have surprised me that no one else saw it my way.

It is very hard to have a conversation of any length, on most any topic, without mentioning hope.

"I hope..." and "Hopefully..." are the two most common set ups for the topic.

Everyone wants it.

Most people find it elusive, not in the sense that hope is scarce, but that one must continually redefine it. Desirable outcomes vary with the circumstance.

While one tries to feel it, hope tends to be a wish in the head.

Paul had it right, hope is intricately wed to faith and love...though the connection is not readily apparent, nor obviously a part of the conversation.

Dogs hope for their master to return home, even more than they hope for dinner.

I've given up hoping for a good night's sleep.

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