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What is The Law?

A friend is working on a talk about The Law. At issue are the many cross currents of meaning, application, teaching, and living tied up in any discussion of Law.

The question was asked, How would you define The Law? Here are some thoughts:

1. Non "Jewish Roots" Christians tend to dismiss the Torah as THE LAW. It is full of wrath, judgment and bad news (and a ticked off God).
2. "Jewish Roots" Christians are willing to look deeply into the Law, to try and discern what it means that Yeshua said he was the one who came to "correctly interpret" the Law. We want to know what that Law is, and what the "correct" interpretation is (see Keller).
3. The notion of the Conscience is tricky. We 63 year olds still wear the psychological garments of our Victorian great grandparents. Conscience as Moral Compass is too often confused with relative measures of acceptability (in whatever arena you are in). Conscience as our share of divine DNA is real but mostly elusive. The church, at its best, provides the context for healthy living into this latter sort of conscience; at its worst as a deadly proponent of the former.
4. The Royal Law, mentioned by Jesus and Paul (and Hillel) seems to be the King of Hearts (Shabbat is the Queen). I read Alice in Wonderland yesterday, which might be a great way to prepare for your talks.......yes, really!
5. The 612 (or is it 613?) mitzvot. This is a morass, a dismal swamp, which even Christian might not have made his way through. The Princess Bride and her young lover just might make it...but only with the help of the crazy magician. Civil Law is an extension/interpretation of this, for the preservation of social order and justice.
6. The Law and Mindfulness: Here one leans into an acceptance of Being...trusting the breath and feelings in the body as reliable (not blind) guides. There is no judgment in this realm. Just compassionate and curious listening. Law, mediated through this silent grace, is more a matter of monistic unity than rational "division".
7. The Law and our Father (mother). This is primal, central and powerful. I dreamt last night, for instance about standing up to Pres. Obama and Hillary (after which I was targeted for quick disposal) and Bishop Love (a matter of vestments, I think).
8. The Law and Baby Driver: All of the above is part of Baby Driver's makeup (imagine a driver's license, detailing our various predilections, hangups, neuroses, fears, bruises, wounds and successes).
9. The Law and Sex: this should really be #1 or #10, as it is so defining, driving, devastating and good.
10. The Law and Jesus (the Cross, the Word, the Empty Tomb, the Man). Here, somehow, is the meta-narrative, which usually gets subsumed by perversions of #s 1-5.

The nice thing, for me, about meditation (I always found prayer to be too law-laden in a bad way) is that it brings the sun and beach right into the middle of the strong cross currents. As in, how I internally dealt with my weird dreams last night.

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