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Just off the Port Bow—a place of uncertainty, adventure, and insight. Thank you for your ears, eyes and hearts. I hope to bring compassion, grace and beauty to your day.

Bearing to Port

Bearing to Port

For a number of years I have joked about veering right or left, starboard or port.  This has usually been in the company of friends as we talked about this or that political or ecclesiastical issue.

I would invariably cling to the right side of the golf fairway, the right side of the aisle, the right side of the parking lot, ship cabin, or bed.  Friends who veered left would be lightly chastised for their abandonment of core principles and values.  It was all a thing of play and play acting.

There would be times when I would play this same game with folk I knew to be less conservative than me, and I would play on the words with a straight face, making no reference to the underbelly of the joke in my own mind.  Clever, eh?

In truth it was less a joke, it turns out, and more a fearsome game.  My sense of RIGHT has directed and controlled me all my life.  Folk on the Left, politically and philosophically, often labor under this same rule of RIGHT.  The short term issues may differ; the core issues are the same.  In fact, he said, this is true of all but a few of us (let us count those saints on one hand).

To spot something in the near distance, just off the port bow, is for me nothing short of game changing.  To get to a place where I am willing to look in that direction for truth has been a costly effort.  I say it this way to put myself in a compassionate place as I watch others struggle with the same dynamic.  I know what it has cost me.  I know what it will cost matter what their initial field of vision is.

The practical side of this is strewn with land mines, which I am continually detonating.

Still, I will gaze off to port, off the port bow, to be precise.  I may be looking back to see what forces locked my course on this or that heading; but as much as I can I want to look forward.

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