Here we are...

Just off the Port Bow—a place of uncertainty, adventure, and insight. Thank you for your ears, eyes and hearts. I hope to bring compassion, grace and beauty to your day.

Getting Started....Purging

I'm not sure what this is....the inevitable consequence of a purge, or a genuinely fresh start at something.  Call it both.

I have scrubbed old email accounts, scrubbed my old blog, and have started afresh.  Not a soul knows of the existence of this blog.  Yet it is out there; and, it looks pretty much like the old one, with a new name and new URL.

That describes in part where I am existentially right now.  The same, yet not.

I have been going public with my "new" identity for a few months now.  It is not a static thing.  I don't know if this blog will take on any life of its own.  Nor do I know what sort of identity I will assume in writing "justofftheportbow".

I have certainly moved to port, whatever that means.
Bearing to Port

Bearing to Port