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Getting Out of your own Way

We enjoy watching Parenthood.  In our own experience the large extended family all living in close proximity is not normal.  It was, however, what we instinctually crave.  You cheer on the Bravermans because they have something very special.

The connection with this family lies not in their organic unity, but in the individual dysfunction found in every character.  That is stating the obvious.  This is a modern version of Ozzie and Harriet, or Leave it to Beaver.

We are all caught up with Season Five.  Since Mary didn't watch much of the early seasons with me we are doing that together.  We went right back to the Pilot, and are now at the start of Season Two.   Joel has let Raquel into his house at one end of the tale.  Now Julia finds that her "half second too long" kiss with Ed has pushed Joel out of their house.

Here's my brief comment.

One is ever looking for new ways to say the same thing; namely, that we are broken and in need of compassion and mercy.  The expression which overwhelms me with every episode of Parenthood is, "Crosby can't get out of his own way".  "Zeke can't get out of his own way".  "Amber can't get out of her own way".

I can't get out of my own way.

Compassion and mercy from those around me seem to be the only tonics for this bent.  Haddie embracing Amber in the diner outside of Gilroy is an amazing picture of this grace.

Does this happen enough in our lives for us to be generally hopeful?  I'm not convinced; at least, not as I look at the many troubled lives and relationships I have known through the years.

The writers of Parenthood manage the meta-narrative of their show.  Do you suppose that they believe in some sort of universal narrative?

Question to self: what is it about me that I continue to stumble over?  Well, I know the answer to that, as well as Zeke knows why he can't get out of his own way.

And, for the record....I do think there is a story line written in the stars that offers Gilroy Diner Hope.

Please tell me what works!

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